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The use of hormones indicators in human saliva in diagnosing parodontitis in pregnant women. The interrelation of central hemodynamic and kidney function indices in patients with ischemic heart disease. Renal function in rats facing water and salt load under exposure to cadmium dichloride. Pathogenetic significance of lipid peroxidation in damage of the proximal segment of the nephron in acute masugi's nephritis. Role of nitrates in the adaptation of fish to hypoxic conditions. Gawor A, Radzik T.: Main page About edition Search the website Instructions for authors Editorial board Contact information. chirurgia fibak

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No wound infection or osteomyelitis occurred.

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Effect of sodium-rich diet and captopril on the functional state of kidney in rats dibak experimental hyperthyreosis. Pismo Polskiego Towarzystwa Pediatrycznego, no. Russian Journal of Marine Biology, 39 2 Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. Open Medicine Poland12 1 Experimental review of cobalt induced cardiomyopathy.

Chirurgia t.2

Controllable amplifier for registering tissue blood flow by the hydrogen clearance method. Traumatic amputation of the limb is one of the oldest surgical procedures. Parazitologiya, 51 2 How the kenyan runner's body structure affects sports results. Keywords amputation; nursing care; nurse diagnosis. On early diagnosis of metabolic disorders in gastric lining of pilots.

chirurgia fibak

Closed intramedullar fixation has been employed. Renal function in rats facing water and salt load under exposure to cadmium dichloride. The functional response of kidneys under influence ofI in albino rats. Currently, thanks to the progress of medicine, it is performed less and less often, mainly in cases of malignant tumors, advanced ischemia or complete interruption of blood circulation in the limbs, and also with significant traumatic injuries.

Vol 12 No 1 Current status, problems and future development. Abstract The paper presents the technique and results of treatment of fractures of the femur or tibia. Effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analogue MM on renal function in sublimate nephropathy. The most preferred is amputation of the myoplastic limb, i.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract Amputation is the operative, partial or complete cutting chrurgia of an organ; the term mainly used for limbs.

Vol 16 No 1 Discopathy of the lumbar-sacral segment and its influence on sexual dysfunction.

The effect of a grape extract on the contractile activity of the myocardium and on fibaj coronary flow of the isolated guinea pig heart. If the fracture was located outside the middle third the nail was interlocked.

Methodological approaches to pedagogical control of the functional and motor fitness of the girls from grades.

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Acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritis: Email the author Login required. Gawor A, Radzik T.: X-ray intensifier was used to monitor the chiirurgia.

Determination of nonmetabolized antipyrine in human urine. Influence of arginine on the renal functional condition of rats in sublimate nephropathy. Role of nitrates in the adaptation of fish to hypoxic conditions. Widomska - Czekajska, T.

chirurgia fibak

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