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Monna kani pinchavu Maimarachi poyanu Andhala tho nannu Thutlu podicheysave I want the meaning of andala srimathiki song from Sankranti movie.. I may have mixed them up. Kalalu nijamantini asha kaligakane.. Ashis Kumar 31 October at Are are are are ohhh…. neelo unnadi nenena song

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I am crazy about this song and I want to learn it by heart. I said dreams are true after I made a wish Avinash Selvaraj 16 April at I think I am in love with you na na na well I've been thinking about you may be I'm in love with you I don't know what I'm doing coz I really donno donno I wanna hold you I wanna hold you in my heart I wanna hold you I wanna hold you in my heart.

neelo unnadi nenena song

Please request your songs in my blog. Chandra Sekhar Bejugam 31 July at Hi Please translate this song The video with subtitles: I would be putting in efforts to update the songs every now and then. First, Vintunnava with subtitles in Spanish: Neevuhe naalo prananga Nakanti pape chudanga Kanipincha ravaa vegangaa Unknown 5 July at Kanti reppala chaatugaa ninnu daachukuni bandhinchanee.

neelo unnadi nenena song

Abhijit S Pulimootil 18 December at Sebi 4 March at Unknown 17 December at Sizzling beauty of human body is just temporary Lord Brahma who believed to be the ceator is such a miser I lifted my head and observed the mind blowing Ela ela ela ela naalo kala chupedela yedarilo godarila naalo ala aapedelaa F: Unknown 4 June at Please translate this one https: Have a great time.

This cool breeze is saying something Vikash sharma 1 September at Due to limitations to the post length In love with this song I will soon post the reply for the song you mentioned. Monna kani pinchavu Maimarachi poyanu Andhala tho nannu Thutlu podicheysave Even if the speech is not there, language would be there You have shown some light reminding the sun has rose referring to feeling in Heroes heart, not the actual sun rise You have reminded me that I too have heart You met me like a thunder, mesmarised me and dissolved me in you Kadale nelu ponge andham Aalalu vachi thake thiram Manasu jallu mantundhe ee velalo.

neelo unnadi nenena song

Exhbhit great stunts, forget the rules of sleeps and rule the queen's palace you the only hero Nakinka nee pere japamounani bindu ante gunde aagi dikku lanni choodana There are only 2 colors for my language From now your name will be my chanting If someone says Bindu, I will stop my breath and watch all the sides in search: Mata lekunnanu bhasha untundhile.

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