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Note that the dates of the Khidr holidays can differ among Alevis, most of whom use a lunar calendar, but some a solar calendar. The relationship between Alevis and Sunnis is one of mutual suspicion and prejudice dating back to the Ottoman period. This section does not cite any sources. In Alevi writings are many references to the unity of Muhammad and Ali , such as:. Basic topics Alphabetical index of topics. sabahat akkiraz kerbela

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Early Contemporary Eschatology Theological.

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To prevent penetration by hostile outsiders, the Alevis insisted on strict endogamy which eventually made them into a quasi-ethnic group. The poetry was composed in the Turkish vernacular and follows the principles of folk prosody known as hece vezne in which the focus is the number of syllables. Wilpert, Czarina "Religion and Ethnicity: Notable early Notable modern Singers.

Many folk practices may be identified, though few of them are specific to the Alevis.

sabahat akkiraz kerbela

Alevis claim that they have been subject to intolerant Sunni "nationalism" that has been unwilling to recognize Alevi "uniqueness. Cultural, Religious and Social Perspectives, Istanbul: The dances symbolize for example the revolution of the planets around the Sun by man and woman turning in circlesand the putting off of one's self and uniting with God. In contrast to the Bektashi tariqawhich like other Sufi orders is based on a silsila "initiatory chain or lineage" of teachers and their students, Alevi leaders succeed to their role on the basis of family descent.

Mercan Dedean artist whose music combines electronic and traditional Sufi elements, has made some songs involving Alevi themes in cooperation with singer Sabahat Akkiraz. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sabahhat Akkiraz

Hanafi Hanbali Maliki Shafi'i Zahiri. The Bektashi Order is a Sufi order and shares much in common with other Islamic mystical movements, such as the need for an experienced spiritual guide — called a baba in Bektashi parlance — as well as the doctrine of "the four gates that must be traversed": The existence of the third and fourth gates is mostly theoretical, though some older Alevis have apparently received initiation into the third.

Bektashism is also initiatic and members must traverse various levels or ranks as they progress along the spiritual path to the Reality. Ocakzade s may attain to the position of dede on the basis of selection by a father from among several sonscharacter, and learning. In them is He glorified in the mornings and in the evenings, again and again. God created life can and gave part of Himself that is the soulso the created world can reflect His Being. The roots of Alevism stem from Turkestan — Central Asia.

Ali ibn Abi TalibCenter: The basis for Alevis' most distinctive beliefs is found in the Buyruks compiled writings and dialogues of Sheikh Safi-ad-din ArdabiliJa'far al-Sadiq the Sixth Imamand other worthies.

Alevism started in the 14th century by mystical Islamic dissenters in Central Asia, and represent more of a movement rather than a sect.

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Above the baba alkiraz the rank of halife-baba or dedegrandfather. Crucial figures and influences. From Gasterbeiter to Transnational Community. Ordinary Alevi would owe allegiance to a particular dede lineage but not others on the basis of pre-existing family or village relations. In addition to avoiding any sort of comfort or enjoyment, Alevis also abstain from food and water for the entire day, though they do drink liquids other than water during the evening.

Searching the source of Alevism in Anatolia arises from unawareness. Pir Sultan Abdala 16th-century Alevi poet whose poems and songs often contain spiritual themes, is revered as a saint and hero.

Yüregimin Sesi Sabrin Türküleri

Alevi cultural and other social activities take place in assembly houses Cemevi. When he came to power inthen Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan initially promised to strengthen the rights of minorities.

Isis Press,p.

sabahat akkiraz kerbela

Perspectives from Transnational Research. Retrieved 9 August

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